Anti Flag – Tour 2020

Anti Flag kommen auf Tour

Die Punkrocker Anti Flag aus Pittsburgh kommen Anfang des Jahres auf große Tour durch ganz Europa. Sechs Mal werden sie dabei auch Halt in Deutschland machen.

Auch ein neues Album wird es geben. Mit “Christian Nationalist” gibt es eine erste Single daraus.


We need these shows. We need this tour. We need to set the pace for the work that lies ahead in 2020. Our individual strength, optimism and hope comes directly from the interactions and exchanges we have at shows like these. It is a space where individual energy transforms to collective energy and power is born.

We cannot wait to unveil our new record. New songs are our bridge to reach out, reconnect, energize and organize. An opportunity to put names to faces, city to city, town to town. We are living in a time where minorities are being increasingly marginalized and cast out of society, where their mere existence has become an illegality. Those victimized by the current administration need much more than allies, they need accomplices. We can no longer be shocked or distracted by defeat. Now is the time to remind each other that we are not alone and together we can beat back injustice.

We hope that this collection of songs, the congregation of folks around the shows, will all serve as tools of solidarity in the face of oppression and empire – solidarity with the poor, the marginalized and the scapegoated who are all catching hell.

Sometimes people say “enough” and a riot echoes forever.



08. Januar 2020 – Lissabon, RCA Club (PT)
09. Januar 2020 – Madrid, Caracol (ES)
10. Januar 2020 – Vitoria, Kubik (ES)
11. Januar 2020 – Zaragoza, Sala López (ES)
12. Januar 2020 – Barcelona, Estrapelo (ES)
14. Januar 2020 – Mailand, HT Factory (IT)
16. Januar 2020 – Zürich, Dynamo (CH)
17. Januar 2020 – Graz, PPC (AT)
18. Januar 2020 – Wien, Flex (AT)
19. Januar 2020 – Prag, Roxy (CH)
21. Januar 2020 – Berlin, SO36
22. Januar 2020 – München, Backstage Werk
23. Januar 2020 – Nürnberg, Löwensaal
24. Januar 2020 – Chemnitz, Talschock
26. Januar 2020 – Warschau, Proxima (PL)
28. Januar 2020 – Hamburg, Fabrik
29. Januar 2020 – Köln, Essigfabrik
30. Januar 2020 – Haarlem, Patronaat (NL)
2. Februar 2020 – Brighton, Chalk (UK)
4. Februar 2020 – London, 02 Academy Islington (UK)
5. Februar 2020 – Manchester, Club Academy (UK)
6. Februar 2020 – Birmingham, The Mill (UK)
7. Februar 2020 – Glasgow, The Garage (UK)

Mehr Infos und Tickets gibt es hier.

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